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My Cabinet of Curiosities

Welcome in my Cabinet of Curiosities, you will discover a part of me: things that I like and are important in my life. Some of my passions that made the person I am. And in some ways it helped me to find interest in Journalism. 



The first image of my Cabinet is a photo that was taken two years ago when I spend a weekend in Normandy with my mother in France in Givenchy (Normandy). It is the mecca of impressionism: Some painters were highly inspired by the marvellous Normand landscape such as Monet, Renoir, Degas or Caillebotte.

We visited many of the cradles of this artistic movement. This was in the garden of Claude Monet a French impressionist painter. This sunflower is one of the several sunflowers that inspired the famous painting Sunflowers.

I am keen on art, I relish painting my favourite movement is impressionism.

An other reason why I particularly like this picture is because it reminds me good memories I had with my mother and I think that this garden was one of the most wonderful place I’ve ever seen on earth.  

When I visit a place, what I really appreciate is lush vegetation and this was the perfect example.


The second object I chose to store in my Cabinet of Curiosities is my iPhone.Image

I think I have it since two years and I can say that he has been following me since then.

It participates to my organization: I write down all my appointments, my homework, I watch the weather everyday before going out so I know how to dress. I can’t begin my day without it.

In order to avoid spoiling paper, I prefer reading news on my iPhone that in the newspaper so I don’t throw it away after and it avoids pollution as well. Thanks to it I can read every kind of media: news, entertainment, newspaper, culture or sports news.

I am also a keen music lover and a pianist so my iPhone is a way for me to carry my music and my podcasts wherever I go. I know I can’t get bored. I have more that a thousands songs, I have every genre on my iPhone. When I’m playing the piano it is very useful: there is a metronome integrated in it and before playing a piece I can listen to it so I know how to interpret it in a more personal way. 


These pieces of my Cabinet of Curiosities are a pair of smart flat shoes. It’s my favourite ones.    Image             

They remind me of the fashion trends in France in the 50’s. I can wear them with anything: a dress, a skirt, a short, and jeans.

It is a treasured possession also because it’s a present from my grandmother that I don’t see very often.

They are really characteristic of the French style and the sophisticated style of most of French women.



Cooking is also one of my all-consuming passion;  on this pictures you can see a little part of my pastry stuff.

Cooking taught me different qualities I will need this year while studying journalism: organization, creativity, commitment and perseverance.

I began to cook two years ago and as I began to cook I acquired some pastry stuff, at first I didn’t have a lot of accessories but now I have quite a lot. Unfortunately I couldn’t take it all with me , my kitchen is way too little to cook everything I want because I need a lot of space.

I used to suffer from a lack of creativity until one day where I discovered cooking, and I needed to be inventive to find new recipes and decorations. It was a real relief to find out that I was capable of a lot of imagination. 


I will end up my Cabinet by presenting you my favourite novel: La Princesse de Clèves written by Madame de la Fayette. The story is about the princess of Chartre who gets married to a husband she doesn’t love but falls in the forbidden love of a lover. Her husband is aware of the affair of her wife, he can’t stand it: he is so jealous that he commits suicide. Though the princess is in love with the Duke of Nemmour she chooses to go away forever, she chose to step down from love. This novel is considered as the first psychological novel, for the very first time we know exactly the thought of the character, what they think inside us in each moment, in every single situation.


The first time I discovered this book was in my grandmother book shelve. That is also why this novel is precious to me. I find that is essential in life to convey knowledge from the ancient generations to the contemporary ones. Actually I find that it is the most precious asset humankind has to offer.



Banksy, one the most well known street artist didn’t finished to amazed us. He decided to overthrown the codes of street art by selling his work. Traditionally you would find his work along the street, because what characterizes street art from another art is the fact that it won’t last and that an other graffiti will be recovering his drawing. It’s the rules of street.

The other astonishing fact is that since Banksy has began his activity he always remainded anynymous and nobody knows his real identity. We just know that he was born in Bristol (where we can find several of his work).As a  street artist he is worldly acknowledged.


One of Banksy’s painting in Bristol
But he left his hometown to settle down in New York for his project “Better Out Than In”;  he took his fans into a treasure hunting all around the big apple streets. He draws on the wall and then posts a picture of his work  upon his blog and people take pleasure to find the place in the city.To make the  buzz he  set up a stall in New York Central Park, where original and signed canvasses of his painting were sold for 60 dollars each (around £38). Usually his work is estimated  to be worth up to £20,000 each. He didn’t tell a word to anyone, he just posted a video on his blog with the simple legend : “Please note: This was a one off. The stall will not be there again today” .

The video of the stall he put on his blog

Though the old man, settled his stall from 11 am he made his first sale at 3.30 pm : a woman bought 2  canvasses after negotiating a 50% discount as well  a New Zealander .To thank her the old man gave him a kiss on the cheek. The last buyer was a man from Chicago who needed something “only to decorate the walls” of the new house he just acquired. At 6pm the graybeard packs up his stuff, he earned 420 dollars.

A lot of people have been traveling around Bristol or New York especially to gaze at his work,his videos have been watched by millions of people all around the world (more that 5 millions people have already watched the video of the sale). Despite this worldwide succes only 3 persons stopped at the stall and bought canvasses. We could wonder if when people buy painting they are rather buying the signature that is on it.

This story reminds me of a experience made by the Washington Post in 2007. In Washington’s underground a  man  starts playing the violin : 45 minutes and 6 pieces of Bach performed with excellence, talent and grace.  As  the performance took place during rush hour, it was calculated that thousands of people cross the station, most of them were on their way to work.

The video of the talented violinist entitled Stop and hear the music

Only a man recognized that the street musician was in reality a world famous violin virtuoso and gave him a 10 dollar note. An other one leant against the wall to listen to him but he looked at his watch and carry on walking. A woman throws a coin to the violinist without stopping by. Several children fell on the musician to admire him but all the parents (without exception) forced them to walk because they were in a hurry.

During the 45 minutes he played only 6 persons stopped by and stayed a while, 20 gave him some money and carry on walking. He received 32 dollars overall. When he finished to play nobody noticed and there was no standing ovation. In fact this musician playing anonymously was  Joshua Bell,one of the best violinist in the world    and the violin he was playing on was nothing but a stradivarius (a very rare violin worthing 3,5 millions of dollar) . Two days before he was to playing  to a full house and the ticked were sold out for 100 dollars.

These surprising stories raises concern about people view on art in general and about how our world is evolving. Nowadays things are going faster and faster, and people don’t take necessarily take the  time to appreciate what is going on around them.In the recent  years, the world witness a fresh outbreak  of  lack of time that transformed our lifestyles. Fast food, frozen food sales  have significantly increased. Because of the social networks we don’t take time to call or to drop a line to a friend anymore. New technologies (smartphones, tablet, laptop) are ruling our lives we became a connected society. Though all this thriving inventions  helped  us to improve our everyday life it,  tends to make us miss the essential of what living is. What is the point of having everything if we can’t take advantage of it.

Art is everywhere, even though we don’t always pay attention we are surrounded by it. If we don’t see the music of one of the best musician on this globe what else are we missing? Can we recognize the talent by itself, for it’s own value? For what it really is ?

If we were a little bit less selfish and sensitive to the world we are living in, I’m sure we’ll be overwhelmed by the all beauty we can find on earth.

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