This year I decided to take the plunge and to challenge myself. I wanna prove to myself what I’m capable of, though I know writing 50 000 words it’s going to be tough I hope I’ll get to the end of them.

I decided to take part in the adventure  on a whim, while I was reading a blog post talking about the NaNoWriMo 2013. I had already  heard about it before but I never paid attention to it. One of my major problem, I absolutely need to eradicate it this year is organisation. I have to make effort regarding my time management because I tend to always wait until the last moment to get down to work.

I don’t know how this is going to end but I hope that eventually  I’ll be proud of myself. I am not doing that for anybody but for me so I’ll know that if I can do that nothing will stop me after, I’ll be more motivated and confident than ever.

Preparation step:

I have been writing short stories or poem but never a novel. I was a little bit dubious the way I had to write so I looked up on the internet  some advice that could help me. I found a lot of different techniques but what I kept in mind is that :

– I need to find a writing hygiene. 50000 words in a month (175 pages)  means that I have to write around 1600 words a day or 6 pages day. It’s going to be tensed.

– STAY FOCUS: avoid distraction, I have uni so I have to be concentrated on both . I also have important courswork  I need to do seriously but I’m sure that  if I’m trying to organise my timetable it will be fine

-Always think about what I’m going to write next, everything in the daily life can be a source of inspiration. Always being aware of what is going on.

-Don’t worry if I meet blank page syndrome, this competition is most about quantity than quality. So If i’m stuck I must carry on and embroider.

But in all the advice that I have seen, one stayed in my mind. It was a video by Meg Cabot, a writer worldly famous for her sequel “princess diaries”. I think it’s one of the first novels I read, she gave me the taste of literature and her video inspire me :

Day 1: November 1st November

I went home after a hole day of uni, throughout the day I was trying to motivate myself, look up for a story. I was tired when I went home and I wanted to take a nap, but I know inside me that i needed to start writing . So made dinner and watch the news and began writing. I was on facebook at the same time so I was disrupted by some friends sometimes. And suddenly I was blown away by a burst of enthusiasm and closed everything that didn’t have any relevance with my story. I began to write at 22pm and wrote 822 words. I take into account the fact that it’s the weekend and that I’ll have time to write tomorrow and I decide to go to sleep.

to be continued…