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Paris 7th January. Toll: 12 people shot dead. 66 milions people wounded.


This Sunday the whole world was gathered to support France in the tragic events that occurred last Wednesday.

The French Office of the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo was attacked by two terrorists killing 4 cartoonists, 5 journalists, 2 police officers and a person from the maintenance.

The French authorities have organised marches all around France for people to express their support after what happened. Not only French people were chocked after the tragedy,the whole was grieving this Wednesday. French people consider what happened as their 9/11.

In France, more than 3.7 millions of people walked in the street. This was a historical mobilisation, the biggest since the Liberation after the Second World War.

A gathering was organised this Sunday in London at Trafalgar square, Ironically.
The place where the imposing statue of Nelson (who defeated Napoleon) illuminates the place.


French student Pauline: ‘For me it’s important to be here and to commemorate what happened. It has been an awful day for France. Now we have to show that we are a united nation, they have tried to shut us up but all they will have obtain is one minute of silence’.


The two terrorists responsible of the slaughter said they did it to revenge the prophet Muhammed. The satirical newspaper published a cartoon where they represented the Muslim prophet.

‘From now on it’s crucial to set :IMG_8305e record straight and not to lump together what happened with Islam. Because those people who claim being Muslim are not. Or if they are they for sure haven’t read the Quran. In our religion it’s forbidden to harm anyone. They didn’t only kill 12 people they have wounded an entire nation’. Farid, French Muslim.





I’m not gonna lie, I have never read Charlie Hebdo in my life,but saying Je suis Charlie doesn’t literally mean that you are Charlie and

IMG_8288that you agree with their points of views and the drawings they published. Saying Je suis Charlie means that you support Freedom of Press, it means that you disagree with what happened, saying that you are Charlie also means that you are Ahmed the police officers that’s die under the bullets’.

Janice, Spanish woman. She came to show her support with what happened in France.


Mostly French people were present for the gathering, they all stayed silent for a while before bursting into the Marseillaise.

Gerard, French Cartoonist was here as well : ‘ It could have been me. I have been drawing for many years. AnIMG_8201d this is the first time of my life that I want to laugh anymore. They killed one of the best cartoonists of this generation but they are not dead they will live forever through their cartoons. They were so smart and sensible that they could make people laugh even people they did not know’.


This day will remain momentous, firstly for French people but for the rest of the world because the most important people of the political landscape were present in the streets of Paris to join them in their sorrow and prove that all the world is united against terrorism.


Here is an interactive timeline of the events:


The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

This is a silent movie we were asked to make for 183 MC ( Cultural fields in media and communication). We had three minutes to tell the story about a women killing a men and someone has to witness the scene.

Initially we were going to talk about a women killing another woman  to meet a man she met before at a funeral. She would have killed the women to see the man again ( I know that it sounds creepy but it’s pretty original). Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find enough extra and we couldn’t film in the church.  Yet it didn’t stop us! as we are spontaneous journalists, we chose a simplest pitch, the story about a corrupted priest. Our task was to take into account hegemony (what people take for being something acceptable or not in the society) .

Usually, a priest is supposed to be someone honest that you can trust, but flipped down the general conventions that goes with priest. Here the priest is not a good person, we have highlighted this trait of this character for example in her look : we can see that she has a very dark look and look very suspicious. Moreover, the fact that she uses red lipstick, perfume etc .. connotes the fact that she is using make up to hide her personality, to hide her sins. The red is overriding in our film, it’s the color of danger : this color doesn’t let anyone indifferent. Nothing has been chosen on a whim, everything was chose on purpose and was hegemonic.


Coventry Music Museum (TV package)

<iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>

For this item, I went to the Coventry  Music Museum to have information about the place, I have used sources. Sources are the essence of a journalist work because it’s thanks to them that we are able to have information and clues about what is newsworthy. There are two kind of sources, the primary sources and the secondary sources. For most of my work I have contacted primary sources, it means that I went out to talk to the people involved with story I wanted to talk about.

I have used social media to find my contact, via twitter. This primary sources are very useful and essential to make a good work.

For this OOV as you can obviously see some camera problem occurred. To be fair, I have no idea about  what happened, but I swear to god that I wasn’t drunk!

TV music news

Check out the link of iCov music news segment here.

This is the music segment my group and i produced. The production process was very fun and interesting, it was not the first time for me that I was in a TV studio but it was the first time I had to manage and run a studio. Of course we had supervisors to help us during the training however we had to record our segment on our own without any help.

To have an effective outcome, we had to divide roles effectively : a director, someone dealing with the camera, another person dealing with  the VT and a sound engineer. I had this role, I had to check the levels and make sur the levels were good for the presenters.

It was a very fun experience, being on the studio all together. Though we didn’t know each other very well, we had to team up in order to be efficient and have a good communication inside the group. At the beginning we all wanted to be in front of the camera, I suppose we all thought that it was the most important job and not being in front of the camera was like we were left on the sideline. But it’s at this moment I understood we were at uni and especially that it was a place for mature and thoughtful student. By looking closer to how we had to organise the filming we all fall agree that it was not possible to have numerous presenters, it didn’t make sens. So as wise persons we just decided that two girls would be presenting the magazine.

There wasn’t any major problems, we just had some troubles with the camera, not filming the right person on the right angle. But we manage to fix the problem while editing.


Journalism task

For Uni, we were asked to produce an OOV (stands for Out of Vision). Basically  it is like when you see on the TV on the news. You can hear the voice of the journalist commentating some images but you can’t actually see it. To do so you have to learn how to edit, it exists thousands of editing software. At the begining of the year we were given the Audobe Suite but it’s pretty complicated and we need time and practice to nail it perfectly. So far I can use Audobe audition quite correctly without breaking everything  as soon as I touch to a button. But I wouldn’t say the same regarding Audobe Premiere, it’s a nightmare to edit on it, believe me it takes ages. The same amount of time as if you wanted to retouch Madonna on photoshop. I would rather advice you to use Final Cut Pro or even iMovie if the work demanded is not complex.

Coventry University held a sale of  vintage items.  To manage a student budget each  item could be acquired for a moderate price. You will found  jackets, tee shirts, handbags or even scarves. Some fashion students of Coventry are involved in the project.The idea is to recycle ancient stuff from old houses to give them a brand new life. The event is held  once a year at Coventry University but several times during festival in the UK. The money that is raised goes to a charity that help woman refugees.

You can watch my OOV below :


Vintage clothes are a good occasion to find original clothes to stand out for the crowd, that you won’t find anywhere else .

PS: I was only joking for Madonna, she lights up my darkest moments!



As I had already experienced this format I was more confident to produce one according to the specific conventions. This time I have included still images and it’s not over the time limit. It’s very clear from the very beginning we know what it’s about; we don’t waffle and go directly to the goal. The voice over is clear, I filmed the hub with my phone and it was very noisy so I had to remove the noise while editing. The lights are also better on this OOV. I have used effectively the legend so it makes it clear to the viewer; he knows where  the story takes place.

Also regarding the targeted audience I think I have done a good job because, the target audience is students. Fashion is quite a big deal for them, along money so I tried to combine these two topics: how to find both affordable and trendy clothes.




News Bulletin


For the news day, we had to present a news bulletin. We had the day to produce a 3 minute news bulletin with 2 local, 2 national and 2 international news . It was a challenge to respect the time limit but I made it (though i had to edit it a bit on audobe audition).

For the local news, I went out and interview some people but for the national and international  news we could use IRN to have clips. When I was done, I just had to go to the studio to record my news bulletin and that was streamed on the campus. Everything went fine exept for one clip because I didn’t select the good one on my laptop and the one i chose was way too long. Next time I’ll just have to be more careful for that.

And an other thing I would like to ameliorate would be my accent because i can hear that I have a strong French accent, and when I read my script it’s not fluent every time. Its the main things I would like to focus for the broadcasting journalism.




Graduation Wrap

In English speaking countries, graduation is a bit of a big deal. Students have been waiting this moment for ages and are very enthusiastic about it and so are the parents.

I have interviewed some students and their parents to have their impression about this such important day and here is the wrap I produced.


Reflection:‘Packaging is useful for presenting a balanced account of two sides of an argument and for permitting the use of more elaborate production techniques to include sound effect’ (Boyd 1993 : 202). My radio package is about the graduation ceremony that took place in Coventry, it was a big deal and during many days it was one of the main trending topics in the city. The challenge in radio is to convey a message without any image so thanks to the sound people must be capable of having an insight of the situation; this is the reason why I have kept the noisy background. I have made the interviews in the Café of the Herbert Gallery Museum. Initially I wanted to make my package about Horace Panter, one of the most famous person in Coventry (he is the initiator of the Ska music, and he was a member of the Specials) but for some reasons he didn’t show up, so I had to improvise instead. I had to find a new story because I have deadline to meet at the end of the day. Though I was a little bit upset   because I already prepared the interview, I tried to think quickly.


While I was waiting for Horace, many students were having a drink with their family before the upcoming ceremony so I decided to take the plunge and to go and talk to them to see   what I could get. I didn’t really prepared the interviews and the questions I wanted to ask, I just went on a whim to ask them about graduation, their own feelings but also their relatives feeling. Through the atmosphere in the café we could feel the particular atmosphere, the excitement of the students that were getting ready to move on. The background gives this impression, many people talking.


While working to have this package done, I have leant different practical skills. Firstly I have learnt to use an edirol, how useful it is for the sound. I wasn’t really aware of it, before I would have used my phone to record but having an edirol gives a much better quality to your work and also makes you look more professional. In some ways it makes it easy to interview people because a lot of them want to appear in the ‘news’


Then I had the pleasure to edit on Audobe audition for one of the first time, it might seems very difficult but when you go around it it’s very easy: learn how to operate the different levels, the multi-tracks, etc…


This day was quite important for my journalism process because it was the first real Newsday where we had to go out and look up for stories. I was prepared to it but at the last minute I had to completely change my plan. During this day I really had the impression to be in a real newsroom, though I wasn’t working for the Time I had a deadline to meet, I had to work under pressure. Do you all the work a real journalist would do, from A to Z, it was quite intense but beneficial.


Documentary – 72 Hours Challenge

In our Key Concept in Media and communication module we were asked to produce a 3 minutes documentary in 72 hours. Indeed within 3 days we had to shoot, to make interviews, to edit, to make risk assessment, find equipment, a lot of researches. But fortunately it was a group work, we managed our time and effectively  and eventually we met the deadline.

The subject was imposed , my group (the group B3) had to make an observational documentary about the history of Hillfields ( a sensitive neighborhood of Coventry) and the targeted audience was teenagers. We chose to cover Hillfields’s history of music

It was nice to work with them because everyone was very open minded to everyone’s ideas and listen to the rest of the team. We were organized since the very beginning and took all the decision together as a group. We decided that we would shoot the first day and that we would edit the second one.

It was my first “intense” shooting. We began our shooting from 10.30, we went to Hillz fm to film their radio show and came back to uni. We were supposed to go back there at 4pm to film but we were told thqt few others crew would be there to film as well. We decided to go back to Hillz fm in order to be the first. We waited there until 4pm and finished around 5pm. At the end of the day, all our crew was very tired but we were happy with the work we’ve done.

It was a very good experience, I’ve learnt how  important team spirit is. It was very interesting to work with people from other courses (some members from the crew were studying media and communication and others media and production) and share our knowledge and our abilities which tend to by complementary.


Critical Reflections

It’s been now a month since I started university, since I started Journalism and Media, since I settled down.

A part of being a journalist is being able to have a critical point of view on every topics but also about himself. A  professional journalism  shall be capable of critical reflexions, to look backyards and to judge if he took the good decision, why does he find it was a good or bad decision . What he would have done if he had to make the same choices but in the present time. This is a reflection upon what I have been doing so far.

Getting used to lectures, learn how to be organized : two essential things for this year

I wrote a letter to myself in which I explained what I wanted to gain this year. I wrote that I wanted to have more experience in journalism area, that I would like to try a brand range activities of this trade. I wrote that letter one month ago and by reading it again recently I realised that I had accomplished some of my wishes. Nonetheless there are some other things that I would have done better if I have had known.

I was very exciting about studying in the media world and I have to say that so far I’m not disappointed at all. I have discovered plenty of activities and I am dayly aiming to broad my range of skills.

I was afraid to be overtaken lectures ,homework, parties. But since the beginning I have been wise regarding partying, I try to have a balance life between studying and leisure. I have learnt that thanks to last year when I went out a lot: I have evolved and understood that this year was getting serious and that it was time to be mature and to work if wanted to succeed. I used to read a lot but last year I lost this habit and I’m glad because I am now reading again.

Coventry is a vast city, the university is huge. offers a lot of diffrent activities, a lot of parties!The fresher’s week was all about partying. There was so much to do that I end up with not knowing what to do. And I was confused about life. Getting used to a new city, new people, new personalities, new university. And at the beginning I wanted to do everything at the same time. My schedule was very busy. But I quickly realised that I had to slow down and take things once as a time.So I focused on gaining Journalism skills.

And also moodle was a brand new system for me: I wasn’t used to it at all. And at the beginning it was very confusing, I got lost and I didn’t understand my timetable.


We have been to some of journalism task : interviewing art.We had to be in pairs and to interview people on the street about anything we liked. It was the first time I was confronted to such a task, but I took a real pleasure to do it. I found out that I really liked communicating with people and I find it quite easy: it’s the basic if I want work in the media area. In a personal way ,it  was a very beneficial activity. We learnt how to interview people, the way you have to talk to them and to be friendly, you can find below a rush of one of our interview :

This is me interviewing a student and  my classmate recording the interview. I was quite comfortable during the interview, the student was nice and was answering to the questions I was asking and was very fluent. All the interviews  went very well except one maybe, we were interviewing a manager of the university. I was asking the questions but despite the fact that  my colleague and I prepared some questions before the interview I run out of words and I had a blank. I really felt embarrassed on the moment but failure is only human. I didn’t know what to say and when finally I gathered my wits I began to ask questions on a whim . If I could go back in time I wouldn’t have done so because it end us talking about global warming whereas we start our conversation discussing about international students; there was no connecting thread,no structure and no transition from a topic to another. Nonetheless this was a very good experience, it helped me to understand  how important it is to  structure  the news. I know that I still have a plethora of skills to learn from this course but I have that day by day , by setting my heart on learning and expend my knowledge I am getting closer to my aim: becoming a journalist.


I tend to be shy sometimes  and I didn’t dare talking because I wasn’t very self asserted but I thing that I’m becoming more and more confident. I have started a radio show with two friends of my class and I really like it, I really do enjoy it. One other thing I wanted to find out this year was which job will I do in the future and I think that after my radio experience I would like to be a part of it. I’m trying to get involve the much I can. A major difference between high-school and university is that we students, have to create our own opportunities, they won’t be brought on a silver platter and throughout  the year I’m willing to take all the opportunity and to try new things to see how it. works.

I will end up my reflection with a quotation of the American Author Margaret J. Wheatley in her book Finding Our Way: Leadership For an Uncertain Time : “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful“.


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