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Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities ( Part2)


Here is the second part of cabinet of curiosities, composed of object which I noticed the worth throughout the year.


The first object is my notepad: I bought it two years ago but I only used it properly this year. As a journalist, I have it with me all the time, it is always in my bag. I am never without it. I think this should be a journalist’s best friend to write anything he witness, and in order not to forget anything.

I use mine when I have interviews to make, to prepare the questions I am going to ask. When I visit a place and something overwhelms me I write it down in it, or when I have a special feeling about something special that happened and I don’t want to forget it. Because time flies and we easily forget things as we see a lot of people and a lot of spaces.

I know that we have iphones and tablet etc.. equipped with notes app but I’m old-fashioned and I like having my notepad with me .

Regarding ethics, it might not be ideal because a journalist must protect his sources so if a jour no’s notepad (with sources details) falls into bad hands it can lead to problems.



The second object of my cabinet is my library. I used to be very sad and I wasn’t really keen on going out and I used to read a lot in order to forget my sorrow.


It’s thanks to all  the books I read I acquired my general knowledge and I first broaden my horizons.

It’s also through reading that I forged my personality, indeed by reading about different ideologies and philosophies made me realise what kind of people I wanted to be and also how and what to think about society and the world that surrounds us.

My books are very precious to me however I don’t mind lending them to my friends because knowledge is the most precious asset to share.


This is my piano. My love, he (yes I consider him as a person) taught me loIMG_4530ve; through music.

I shared so much moments with him,  together we went through different states of mind : happiness, sadness, exhaustion, anger. Thanks to him, I have developed my sensitivity. I am not the kind of person that can be easily touch however there is an exception when it comes to music. I have faith in music, more than in humans. Because it’s difficult to trust them and also because they are not going to be here forever, everyone leaves one day. Although music will be always here and even when a composer dies he carries on living through people playing their master pieces.

Music also taught me to be persevering, to fight and not to give up. I have spent hours on my piano playing a music piece all over again, with different nuances because it had to be perfect.



My Cabinet of Curiosities

Welcome in my Cabinet of Curiosities, you will discover a part of me: things that I like and are important in my life. Some of my passions that made the person I am. And in some ways it helped me to find interest in Journalism. 



The first image of my Cabinet is a photo that was taken two years ago when I spend a weekend in Normandy with my mother in France in Givenchy (Normandy). It is the mecca of impressionism: Some painters were highly inspired by the marvellous Normand landscape such as Monet, Renoir, Degas or Caillebotte.

We visited many of the cradles of this artistic movement. This was in the garden of Claude Monet a French impressionist painter. This sunflower is one of the several sunflowers that inspired the famous painting Sunflowers.

I am keen on art, I relish painting my favourite movement is impressionism.

An other reason why I particularly like this picture is because it reminds me good memories I had with my mother and I think that this garden was one of the most wonderful place I’ve ever seen on earth.  

When I visit a place, what I really appreciate is lush vegetation and this was the perfect example.


The second object I chose to store in my Cabinet of Curiosities is my iPhone.Image

I think I have it since two years and I can say that he has been following me since then.

It participates to my organization: I write down all my appointments, my homework, I watch the weather everyday before going out so I know how to dress. I can’t begin my day without it.

In order to avoid spoiling paper, I prefer reading news on my iPhone that in the newspaper so I don’t throw it away after and it avoids pollution as well. Thanks to it I can read every kind of media: news, entertainment, newspaper, culture or sports news.

I am also a keen music lover and a pianist so my iPhone is a way for me to carry my music and my podcasts wherever I go. I know I can’t get bored. I have more that a thousands songs, I have every genre on my iPhone. When I’m playing the piano it is very useful: there is a metronome integrated in it and before playing a piece I can listen to it so I know how to interpret it in a more personal way. 


These pieces of my Cabinet of Curiosities are a pair of smart flat shoes. It’s my favourite ones.    Image             

They remind me of the fashion trends in France in the 50’s. I can wear them with anything: a dress, a skirt, a short, and jeans.

It is a treasured possession also because it’s a present from my grandmother that I don’t see very often.

They are really characteristic of the French style and the sophisticated style of most of French women.



Cooking is also one of my all-consuming passion;  on this pictures you can see a little part of my pastry stuff.

Cooking taught me different qualities I will need this year while studying journalism: organization, creativity, commitment and perseverance.

I began to cook two years ago and as I began to cook I acquired some pastry stuff, at first I didn’t have a lot of accessories but now I have quite a lot. Unfortunately I couldn’t take it all with me , my kitchen is way too little to cook everything I want because I need a lot of space.

I used to suffer from a lack of creativity until one day where I discovered cooking, and I needed to be inventive to find new recipes and decorations. It was a real relief to find out that I was capable of a lot of imagination. 


I will end up my Cabinet by presenting you my favourite novel: La Princesse de Clèves written by Madame de la Fayette. The story is about the princess of Chartre who gets married to a husband she doesn’t love but falls in the forbidden love of a lover. Her husband is aware of the affair of her wife, he can’t stand it: he is so jealous that he commits suicide. Though the princess is in love with the Duke of Nemmour she chooses to go away forever, she chose to step down from love. This novel is considered as the first psychological novel, for the very first time we know exactly the thought of the character, what they think inside us in each moment, in every single situation.


The first time I discovered this book was in my grandmother book shelve. That is also why this novel is precious to me. I find that is essential in life to convey knowledge from the ancient generations to the contemporary ones. Actually I find that it is the most precious asset humankind has to offer.


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