By Nour Abida

California has been affected by meteorological phenomenons causing extremely hot temperature  unusual for February.

Technically we are still in winter however this week the temperature reached the 90 degrees. Indeed on Feb 9, the heat broke the record of the hottest day in February since 1991.

Climatologist  Wiliam Patzert said “it’s a shock right here it’s going to be in the 80’s today Santa Anna winds and rather talking about rain we are talking about potentially fires”. Indeed the heat can be explained as being a repercussion of El Niño because it hit farther North than expected.

El Niño is among one of most discussed topics of the week.  On the one hand some people fear the climatological phenomenon will cause havoc as it did for the previous El Niño episode back in 1983.

On the other hand the weather makes some happy people tells Omar whowas surfing at the beach today, “For me El Niño is not such of an issue, it is usually too cold to surf; at this period with the combinaison it is just perfect”.

Omar Lopez, surfing at Huntington Beach


The surfers are not the only ones to enjoy the heat, for Sarah 21 it is the perfect weather to lay out by the pool  with some music and a book to read. However even if the weather seems to be pleasing there is still an inconvenience “this weather make me feel lazier than usual: it’s too hot to cook, do laundry or sport.”she said.

Shelby Dollim, 23, lives in Long Beach and she loves taking advantage of the weather: “I enjoy that weather so that I can take the roof off my convertible car and cruise along the PCH, it is  really cool I feel like I am in a movie with the roof down”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 17.19.35.png
Shelby Dollim

Also when we asked people about their favourite spot when the heat hits over the city, Vivan, 25,  recommends the Horny Corner  by the Leeway Sailing Centre. You can rent kayaks or go sailing. “This place makes me really happy because two years ago I watched someone’s stuff and he turned out to be a paddle instructor and to thank me he would give paddle lessons for free”.

Not everyone seems to be concerned by the heat in Long Beach however even if El Niño reached the coast yet it will according to climatologist Patzert.