Today Coventry University Socialists Society crashed the Hub for a Secret Protest.

They took advantage of the Housing fair taking place in the hub to do a demonstration.

The flag-mob protest took place while all the students letting agencies such as StudentLet and LetusLet were present in the hub to present their student accommodation in view of the next academic year.

They raised concern, looks like they achieved their goals because the information about the secret protest has been relayed on twitter and Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.59.11‘They exploit students on daily basis , they have to live in disgusting substandard  dilapidated houses’

‘ We  have a  clear strong message we are not longer gonna  stay exploited anymore this is our job, this is what we have to do’

‘We don’t just talk about it, we actually take action’ Says Kristian O’Sullivan , president of Coventry Socialist Society.

‘ It (the protest) provides an insight of the situation for students that will be having issues with unfair housing. We want to denounce the fact that  the university  supports landlords that are not giving quality housing for students and accomodation’ claims another member of the socialist society.

The university did not make any comments about the protest but it seems that they were not pleased with the chants resonating in the hub because they tried to stop their interventions as soon as it started.

Security guards trying to stop the students protesting

The Student Union feels ‘particularly concerned about our community of international students, who may be more vulnerable to falling prey to unscrupulous landlords’ To defend themselves they say how they succeeded into securing the return of more than 183 deposits last year for Coventry University students.

This protest raise the concern about student housing, indeed students represent a  major part in the city there are around 30 000 of them.

Joe, second year politics at student at Coventry University says  ‘Finding a decent house is a nightmare. When I move out for my first year of university I didn’t have heating for months. And I can tell you that you feel it, the worst is my landlord wouldn’t do anything to fix it’.

Krissie, third year law student says : ‘ I have experience now and I won’t be tricked again When it comes to student housing I prefer private landlords because Letting Agencies are evil’

At a time where Coventry University plans to spend over £125 millions to refurbish the city, maybe they should review their priorities and please their own students and prioritise the well-being of their students.

Coventry University had to face a lot of criticism recently, after MSc Mstudent, Ozeivo Andrew Akerele went missing. He disappeared since the 31st January but it is only few weeks ago that the university was mobilised.

A march and hope vigil were organised to support Ozi’s family in this ordeal.

At the moment the attention of the university is focused on Ozi, but the Student Union said they would fight against dodgy landlord and unfair housing campaign.

Check out the protest footage here