Here is the second part of cabinet of curiosities, composed of object which I noticed the worth throughout the year.


The first object is my notepad: I bought it two years ago but I only used it properly this year. As a journalist, I have it with me all the time, it is always in my bag. I am never without it. I think this should be a journalist’s best friend to write anything he witness, and in order not to forget anything.

I use mine when I have interviews to make, to prepare the questions I am going to ask. When I visit a place and something overwhelms me I write it down in it, or when I have a special feeling about something special that happened and I don’t want to forget it. Because time flies and we easily forget things as we see a lot of people and a lot of spaces.

I know that we have iphones and tablet etc.. equipped with notes app but I’m old-fashioned and I like having my notepad with me .

Regarding ethics, it might not be ideal because a journalist must protect his sources so if a jour no’s notepad (with sources details) falls into bad hands it can lead to problems.



The second object of my cabinet is my library. I used to be very sad and I wasn’t really keen on going out and I used to read a lot in order to forget my sorrow.


It’s thanks to all  the books I read I acquired my general knowledge and I first broaden my horizons.

It’s also through reading that I forged my personality, indeed by reading about different ideologies and philosophies made me realise what kind of people I wanted to be and also how and what to think about society and the world that surrounds us.

My books are very precious to me however I don’t mind lending them to my friends because knowledge is the most precious asset to share.


This is my piano. My love, he (yes I consider him as a person) taught me loIMG_4530ve; through music.

I shared so much moments with him,  together we went through different states of mind : happiness, sadness, exhaustion, anger. Thanks to him, I have developed my sensitivity. I am not the kind of person that can be easily touch however there is an exception when it comes to music. I have faith in music, more than in humans. Because it’s difficult to trust them and also because they are not going to be here forever, everyone leaves one day. Although music will be always here and even when a composer dies he carries on living through people playing their master pieces.

Music also taught me to be persevering, to fight and not to give up. I have spent hours on my piano playing a music piece all over again, with different nuances because it had to be perfect.