This is a silent movie we were asked to make for 183 MC ( Cultural fields in media and communication). We had three minutes to tell the story about a women killing a men and someone has to witness the scene.

Initially we were going to talk about a women killing another woman  to meet a man she met before at a funeral. She would have killed the women to see the man again ( I know that it sounds creepy but it’s pretty original). Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find enough extra and we couldn’t film in the church.  Yet it didn’t stop us! as we are spontaneous journalists, we chose a simplest pitch, the story about a corrupted priest. Our task was to take into account hegemony (what people take for being something acceptable or not in the society) .

Usually, a priest is supposed to be someone honest that you can trust, but flipped down the general conventions that goes with priest. Here the priest is not a good person, we have highlighted this trait of this character for example in her look : we can see that she has a very dark look and look very suspicious. Moreover, the fact that she uses red lipstick, perfume etc .. connotes the fact that she is using make up to hide her personality, to hide her sins. The red is overriding in our film, it’s the color of danger : this color doesn’t let anyone indifferent. Nothing has been chosen on a whim, everything was chose on purpose and was hegemonic.