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March 2014

Varsity (Sport News)

As a member of the Source society, I covered Varsity : a  sport competition between Coventry and Warwick Universities. The TV Package I made was not for uni but for my extra curricular activities.

To do my work I had to go there and to book the equipment I needed at the Media Loan Shop:  a camera (canon 650D), a tripod and an edirol. I had some problems with the edirol because usually to film an interview, you would take the sound and the image separately but for some reasons the edirol didn’t record any of the sounds. So for editing I had to make do. The weather conditions were not ideal:  it was raining, the wind was blowing . I had to manage the sound, the video, and the equipment.


TV music news

Check out the link of iCov music news segment here.

This is the music segment my group and i produced. The production process was very fun and interesting, it was not the first time for me that I was in a TV studio but it was the first time I had to manage and run a studio. Of course we had supervisors to help us during the training however we had to record our segment on our own without any help.

To have an effective outcome, we had to divide roles effectively : a director, someone dealing with the camera, another person dealing with  the VT and a sound engineer. I had this role, I had to check the levels and make sur the levels were good for the presenters.

It was a very fun experience, being on the studio all together. Though we didn’t know each other very well, we had to team up in order to be efficient and have a good communication inside the group. At the beginning we all wanted to be in front of the camera, I suppose we all thought that it was the most important job and not being in front of the camera was like we were left on the sideline. But it’s at this moment I understood we were at uni and especially that it was a place for mature and thoughtful student. By looking closer to how we had to organise the filming we all fall agree that it was not possible to have numerous presenters, it didn’t make sens. So as wise persons we just decided that two girls would be presenting the magazine.

There wasn’t any major problems, we just had some troubles with the camera, not filming the right person on the right angle. But we manage to fix the problem while editing.


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