Five minutes and then I will go back to work. How many times have you already said that to yourself? Even though you have a capital exam the day after, you can’t help it. You keep refreshing your timeline to see if nothing has happened within the last two seconds. Facebook has become part of our lives.

It’s the ultimate way to stalk the handsome guy you ran into earlier, the new girlfriend of your ex or keep contact with your friend when they live halfway around the world. It becomes such a daily life item but we tend to abuse it, to use it without any useful reasons. It’s like a cigarette: it’s something we use when we are bored and we don’t have anything better to do. However, would/could you imagine your life without it?


Friday 28 January 2014 is the international day without Facebook – created in order to fight against the addiction that may be caused by the social network. So are you ready to rethink what will your life be without Facebook? Maybe you’ll get a little bit more sleep (instead of falling asleep during lectures), your concentration will also get better! We all have that boring lecturer that made us regret our previous white night and instead of falling asleep you find yourself on Facebook to find some distraction.

Moreover with new technologies it is possible to be connected anywhere: on the streets, all universities have Wi-Fi, in cafes, library, big groceries shops, stations… but also on any devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops. Being connected has never been more simple. Yet trying to avoid Facebook temptation for one day could be fun. Find some friends that would like to take the experiment with you so you won’t feel lonely.