For the news day, we had to present a news bulletin. We had the day to produce a 3 minute news bulletin with 2 local, 2 national and 2 international news . It was a challenge to respect the time limit but I made it (though i had to edit it a bit on audobe audition).

For the local news, I went out and interview some people but for the national and international  news we could use IRN to have clips. When I was done, I just had to go to the studio to record my news bulletin and that was streamed on the campus. Everything went fine exept for one clip because I didn’t select the good one on my laptop and the one i chose was way too long. Next time I’ll just have to be more careful for that.

And an other thing I would like to ameliorate would be my accent because i can hear that I have a strong French accent, and when I read my script it’s not fluent every time. Its the main things I would like to focus for the broadcasting journalism.