In English speaking countries, graduation is a bit of a big deal. Students have been waiting this moment for ages and are very enthusiastic about it and so are the parents.

I have interviewed some students and their parents to have their impression about this such important day and here is the wrap I produced.


Reflection:‘Packaging is useful for presenting a balanced account of two sides of an argument and for permitting the use of more elaborate production techniques to include sound effect’ (Boyd 1993 : 202). My radio package is about the graduation ceremony that took place in Coventry, it was a big deal and during many days it was one of the main trending topics in the city. The challenge in radio is to convey a message without any image so thanks to the sound people must be capable of having an insight of the situation; this is the reason why I have kept the noisy background. I have made the interviews in the Café of the Herbert Gallery Museum. Initially I wanted to make my package about Horace Panter, one of the most famous person in Coventry (he is the initiator of the Ska music, and he was a member of the Specials) but for some reasons he didn’t show up, so I had to improvise instead. I had to find a new story because I have deadline to meet at the end of the day. Though I was a little bit upset   because I already prepared the interview, I tried to think quickly.


While I was waiting for Horace, many students were having a drink with their family before the upcoming ceremony so I decided to take the plunge and to go and talk to them to see   what I could get. I didn’t really prepared the interviews and the questions I wanted to ask, I just went on a whim to ask them about graduation, their own feelings but also their relatives feeling. Through the atmosphere in the café we could feel the particular atmosphere, the excitement of the students that were getting ready to move on. The background gives this impression, many people talking.


While working to have this package done, I have leant different practical skills. Firstly I have learnt to use an edirol, how useful it is for the sound. I wasn’t really aware of it, before I would have used my phone to record but having an edirol gives a much better quality to your work and also makes you look more professional. In some ways it makes it easy to interview people because a lot of them want to appear in the ‘news’


Then I had the pleasure to edit on Audobe audition for one of the first time, it might seems very difficult but when you go around it it’s very easy: learn how to operate the different levels, the multi-tracks, etc…


This day was quite important for my journalism process because it was the first real Newsday where we had to go out and look up for stories. I was prepared to it but at the last minute I had to completely change my plan. During this day I really had the impression to be in a real newsroom, though I wasn’t working for the Time I had a deadline to meet, I had to work under pressure. Do you all the work a real journalist would do, from A to Z, it was quite intense but beneficial.