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November 2013

News Bulletin


For the news day, we had to present a news bulletin. We had the day to produce a 3 minute news bulletin with 2 local, 2 national and 2 international news . It was a challenge to respect the time limit but I made it (though i had to edit it a bit on audobe audition).

For the local news, I went out and interview some people but for the national and international  news we could use IRN to have clips. When I was done, I just had to go to the studio to record my news bulletin and that was streamed on the campus. Everything went fine exept for one clip because I didn’t select the good one on my laptop and the one i chose was way too long. Next time I’ll just have to be more careful for that.

And an other thing I would like to ameliorate would be my accent because i can hear that I have a strong French accent, and when I read my script it’s not fluent every time. Its the main things I would like to focus for the broadcasting journalism.





Graduation Wrap

In English speaking countries, graduation is a bit of a big deal. Students have been waiting this moment for ages and are very enthusiastic about it and so are the parents.

I have interviewed some students and their parents to have their impression about this such important day and here is the wrap I produced.


Reflection:‘Packaging is useful for presenting a balanced account of two sides of an argument and for permitting the use of more elaborate production techniques to include sound effect’ (Boyd 1993 : 202). My radio package is about the graduation ceremony that took place in Coventry, it was a big deal and during many days it was one of the main trending topics in the city. The challenge in radio is to convey a message without any image so thanks to the sound people must be capable of having an insight of the situation; this is the reason why I have kept the noisy background. I have made the interviews in the Café of the Herbert Gallery Museum. Initially I wanted to make my package about Horace Panter, one of the most famous person in Coventry (he is the initiator of the Ska music, and he was a member of the Specials) but for some reasons he didn’t show up, so I had to improvise instead. I had to find a new story because I have deadline to meet at the end of the day. Though I was a little bit upset   because I already prepared the interview, I tried to think quickly.


While I was waiting for Horace, many students were having a drink with their family before the upcoming ceremony so I decided to take the plunge and to go and talk to them to see   what I could get. I didn’t really prepared the interviews and the questions I wanted to ask, I just went on a whim to ask them about graduation, their own feelings but also their relatives feeling. Through the atmosphere in the café we could feel the particular atmosphere, the excitement of the students that were getting ready to move on. The background gives this impression, many people talking.


While working to have this package done, I have leant different practical skills. Firstly I have learnt to use an edirol, how useful it is for the sound. I wasn’t really aware of it, before I would have used my phone to record but having an edirol gives a much better quality to your work and also makes you look more professional. In some ways it makes it easy to interview people because a lot of them want to appear in the ‘news’


Then I had the pleasure to edit on Audobe audition for one of the first time, it might seems very difficult but when you go around it it’s very easy: learn how to operate the different levels, the multi-tracks, etc…


This day was quite important for my journalism process because it was the first real Newsday where we had to go out and look up for stories. I was prepared to it but at the last minute I had to completely change my plan. During this day I really had the impression to be in a real newsroom, though I wasn’t working for the Time I had a deadline to meet, I had to work under pressure. Do you all the work a real journalist would do, from A to Z, it was quite intense but beneficial.


Documentary – 72 Hours Challenge

In our Key Concept in Media and communication module we were asked to produce a 3 minutes documentary in 72 hours. Indeed within 3 days we had to shoot, to make interviews, to edit, to make risk assessment, find equipment, a lot of researches. But fortunately it was a group work, we managed our time and effectively  and eventually we met the deadline.

The subject was imposed , my group (the group B3) had to make an observational documentary about the history of Hillfields ( a sensitive neighborhood of Coventry) and the targeted audience was teenagers. We chose to cover Hillfields’s history of music

It was nice to work with them because everyone was very open minded to everyone’s ideas and listen to the rest of the team. We were organized since the very beginning and took all the decision together as a group. We decided that we would shoot the first day and that we would edit the second one.

It was my first “intense” shooting. We began our shooting from 10.30, we went to Hillz fm to film their radio show and came back to uni. We were supposed to go back there at 4pm to film but we were told thqt few others crew would be there to film as well. We decided to go back to Hillz fm in order to be the first. We waited there until 4pm and finished around 5pm. At the end of the day, all our crew was very tired but we were happy with the work we’ve done.

It was a very good experience, I’ve learnt how  important team spirit is. It was very interesting to work with people from other courses (some members from the crew were studying media and communication and others media and production) and share our knowledge and our abilities which tend to by complementary.


Coventry Blitz

63 years ago, a terrible blitz completely destroyed the industrial city of Coventry. Despite the important damages the city has been rebuilt. Today for the mini news day( a practice day for our assessment) we had to go out and find a story. My group and I decided to cover this momentous event. Here is the package I made thanks to the people we interviewed.

We only had few hours to interview people and to edit our wrap, though we managed our time we went short on time at the end of the day, we didn’t met the deadline. It was very useful so I’ll know next week how to do and that I shouldn’t have underestimated the editing because it’s time consuming. Also we should have began to edit as soon as we went back from interviews not loose some precious minutes.

I know that my wrap is a little bit long, but I’ll do better next week and now I’m quite confident about it.

East Wind Film Festival


This weekend took place the third East Winds Film Festival in Coventry University. During 4 days, projections of popular films from East Asia followed each other. It was a golden opportunity for people unfamiliar with culture from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam to discover an other cinema; an other vision of the 7th art far away from the blockbusters.

Over 4 days, the city of Coventry was lucky to welcome 8 European Premieres and 3 UK Premieres. Students and staff from different cultural background came to assist to the movies. Indeed, there were  many international students but also few English students.It was interesting to see how ethnic differences could make people closer because the point of this event was to  make asian cinema known by more souls.

I chose to watch two films: The Midas Touch and Pee-Mak. I didn’t watch the trailers before going, I chose according the genre 2 comedies. It was a great opportunity to discover unknown aspect of the cinema because nowadays every movies tend to be alike. American blockbuster, the aim of them is to attract a maximum of audience with common expectations and generic conventions in order to generate a lot of money. You will see in the reviews below that these films were quite different from what you would expect from a movie today, in a good way.

At the end of each film, we took time to talk with the director and to discuss about it. All the staff were very nice and helpful and the festival was very well organized.



The Midas Touch, Chinese Movie directed by Andrew Fung Chih-chiang from Hong Kong starring Chapman To and Charlene Foi is a comedy. The film is about a crew of 7 girls who want to become superstar, during all the movie their manager Mak Chiu will set his heart on making their dream come true. He will be helped by Suen Mei, the farmer manager of JD an action film star that laid her off despite her professional qualities. All together they will form a real family, they will learn to rely on each other and that to succeed in this world being with the right persons is essential. I was very unfamiliar with asian humor, but this movie was a way for me to discover it. I have to avoid that I was a little bit reluctant about it but I was positively surprised because it was quite similar to the humour I know though there was some weaknesses like

After the movie, we had the opportunity to ask some questions to the director Andrew Fung Chih-chiang, here is the minute of the interview :

  • How did you come to write this movie?How did you get to work with Steven Cheung?

Steven Cheung is a huge a star, we got to work together previously about a script he has written. And the latest ask Andrew Fung Chih-chiang to work together for his film so that is how we got to work together.Regarding Chapman Toe, Legendary Hong Kong Cinema give me the chance to work twice with him, I have to say he’s a great actor comedy.

  • The artists that are playing the main characters are not famous in China. Why did you find these infamous actors to make the movie?

Actors need to show their talent so I wanted to give them a chance. I chose new people also because I wanted the movie to be more realistic. What stands out in the movie is that for most of the girl starring they don’t particularly want to be actresses, they don’t want anything but becoming famous.

  • What inspired you  the idea of the concept of the script?

Reflected entertainment based on truth facts, I aimed at showing true  facts to the audience.

  • Do you have any advice to upcoming directors?

Keep on believing, don’t be in a rush to write a script. Take all your time to write your own script because  it will be your only weapon in this war of writers. It thanks to your script that you will be able to find sponsors to give you money to make your movie.


This film festival was a beneficial experience, it was the first time I was watching an asian movie actually. I am a very open-minded person but I have to confess that I was never really appealed by watching this type of movie. My cousin is a huge fan of asian art but I don’t know why I always refused to give a chance to these movies and  it was a big mistake from me. I feel silly now to say that.

What I really liked in the movies is that mix different genres together : romance-comedy-horror. I know when , it may be complicated to believe that mixing all theses genres that look so different from one another will give a good result. Yet it does. And it’s not comparable to any other movies I have seen before.

In China, movies are an important place of people’s culture, indeed for them it’s their window through the world. Indeed many of them don’t have the opportunity to travel and it’s through  all the movies they watch that they can have an insight of the life abroad. Actually I have few chinese friends I met in England. They never travelled anywhere before and they were imagining foreign countries as it was depicted in the movies, with all the stereotypes.

To conclude, these movies were an open door to another culture. If you have never watch an asian movie, don’t hesitate one second you won’t be disappointed and you’ll discover something new!


Day 2: Saturday 2nd November 2013

Here we go again. Brand new day, new objective. As I said it before my aim is to write around 1600 words a day. Unfortunately, I didn’t met the deadline  I had because I had to do some groceries in the morning and it took me a  pretty long time as I had to take the bus because the grocery’s store was outside the city. When I came back, I was starving so as I enjoy cooking I baked a nice dish and it took me a while to do it so it was almost 5pm when I finished. In the evening we had to attend the East Winds Cinema Festival, so it took me all evening long.

I only wrote 300 words today, I hope It won’t disabled me. I’m very enthusiastic about it and I’m still ready for the challenge.

Day 3: Sunday 3rd November 2013

Something very important in the student life is the balance between leisure and work. Though it may be hard to be reasonable sometimes, it’s a strength I think I have. I won’t mind missing a big party to finish a work if it’s really important. I’m dedicated to the project I undertake: it’s one of my qualities. Since I decided to take part in this project I knew for sure that I would have to sacrifice some of my plans for it to meet my deadline. I have to confess that I was particularly lazy today and I didn’t go any further in my novel. I wrote 200 words. I have the story in my mind but I don’t know if it’s a good story actually I’m hesitating to change my plot with something very different.

I began writing my story on the very first day of the competition, I didn’t wright anything before. Neither a summary of my story nor a plan. I had a story in mind, and I was just writing how it came. After a while, I was afraid of writing something boring so I decided than instead of carry on writing I should rather think about it for a few days. Structure the story, make some research. Though being spontaneous can be a good thing, it might be the source of problems sometimes because it can end up with messy and unorganized outcomes.  And this is not what I want.

Days 3,4,5,6: I have been thinking about my story. I took some notes, made some research. I was very dubious regarding my script but I realized that it was too late to begin everything over and that it would be  better to carry on with the current story I had. As far as i was coming up with my story I was realizing how tough it will be to finish my project with all the homework I have. Two documentaries, a 2500 words essay, packages, my blogs to update.. I knew it since the beginning but my assessments are in the end of the month, almost the same day as the NaNoWriMo. Anyway, I’ll see how it goes but to make it until the end it’ll be extremely demanding.

Also, I can’t focus when I’m at home so I think from tomorrow I’ll go work at the library.

To be continued …

NaNoWriMo Challenge

This year I decided to take the plunge and to challenge myself. I wanna prove to myself what I’m capable of, though I know writing 50 000 words it’s going to be tough I hope I’ll get to the end of them.

I decided to take part in the adventure  on a whim while I was reading a blog post talking about the NaNoWriMo 2013. I had already  heard about it before but I never paid attention to it. One of my major problem, I absolutely need to eradicate it this year is organisation. I have to make effort regarding my time management because I tend to always wait until the last moment to get down to work.

I don’t know how this is going to end but I hope that eventually  I’ll be proud of myself. I am not doing that for anybody but for me so I’ll know that if I can do that nothing will stop me after, I’ll be more motivated and confident than ever.

You can find more about the project in the page NaNoWriMo project on the top left ..

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